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We Must Cultivate Our Souls

A Permanent Center of Consciousness, or ‘soul’, is not possessed by the majority of humanity on earth. It exists in potential only.

Most, lost in body, heart, or mind, think not on the fortuitousness of their 998823_10200584066703120_512034660_nexistence to cultivate body, heart, and mind to a still and perfect center, and so connect to the Awareness that transcends and is All things.

If this space within has not been touched, then a soul isn’t present, since all souls know and live from this space within.

Individuals who do not reconnect to this awareness must come back to the physical existences to cultivate, and if they continue to miss their good fortune, they cycle endlessly in needless suffering.

Because we still have projections of an outwardly-focused society, we must recognize its emptiness outside of ourselves and instead turn within to the empty space that is not empty.

Simple meditation will start anyone on this path of self-discovery, but it is good to seek out instruction, as simple meditation alone, ignorant of the times, techniques, and preparations, is like a cook endlessly boiling water; if there’s no nourishment to cook, the cook has no purpose, and even the water is lost.

Mentally based individuals consider the realm of mind and thought to be the dominant aspect in their lives. Most intellectuals are mentally-based, and live in a constant world of chatter even more so than other false-centered individuals.

Since the mental energy is closer to the root, all other bases are essentially mental, but live in further densities of energy in order to express themselves. Mental energy is the quickest and most unimpeded of the false center energies, and similarly can be the most difficult to balance. All thoughts have their root in some desire, or ‘lack’, which then asks mental energy to form a contemplation on this desire, and how to ‘fill’ it.

In meditation, it is good for one to have a focus such as the breath to drive wayward thoughts and chatter back into 58275_481398588562264_279224146_nthe focus, thus utilizing the usually wasteful mental energies as a counterbalance, or ‘workout’ for willpower. This is mental transmutation.

Emotionally based individuals consider the realm of feeling and emotion to be the dominant aspect in their lives. All emotions have roots in thoughts; a thought is formed, and the emotion is the ‘weighing’ of this thought on a subjective level of experience as to how it pleases us. This is further displaced from awareness when not in balance, and creates an ever-expanding gulf of highs and lows.

Individuals ‘stuck’ in their emotions tend to be impulsive and do not recognize how their lives are dictated by their emotional responses. Simple awareness exercises throughout the day serve individuals in ‘catching’ themselves when they react emotionally, since the root-thought can be so slippery as to escape one’s observation.

Emotional transmutation consists of recognizing how one is feeling, finding the cause (desire to thought), and continuing in mental transmutation to bring the emotion-thought back to focus with the will.

Physically based individuals consider the material and physical to have the most substance of existence, and so it dominates their lives. Since the physical presents itself to the senses, it can be most readily observed by even the most unaware individual, and is self-evident. When emotions clothe further, they translate into sense data on the scale of pleasure-pain, and is in a constant imbalanced pendulum swing between one and the other extreme.

Recognizing that all highs have opposing lows, and that desire for either pleasure or pain is misplaced due to its 1174782_10152538149086988_339082844_ntemporal and illusory fulfillment, allows one to ‘separate’ or ‘distance’ oneself from ones attachment to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, the most primitive and basic of responses to stimuli.

The physical (or motor) center is a physical housing for our consciousness, and the root manifestation of creative energy arises in our sexuality. Hence, physical transmutation is essentially sexual transmutation, the most difficult of transmutations, as it works with the most dense of energy forms to transmute back into Awareness.

It is sufficient in the beginning to recognize ones mechanical responses to emotional and mental energy. When this is sufficiently balanced, sexual transmutation may be attempted, and consists of lifting a centered desire in awareness beyond emotional and mental clothings.

If sexual transmutation is attempted before the emotional and mental centers are sufficiently in balance, when the energy is lured with the desire, the emotional center will steal the fruits, and the mental center will suck the life from the energy, and you will be left with dust, as before when sexual energy spilled outward. Hence, it is considered ‘advanced practice’. Through this practice, however, we cultivate the energy necessary to reforge Awareness of True Center, which is the soul, immortal and liberated. The generative (sexual) force is purified into vitality, and vitality may further be refined into spirit (the connecting bridge to one’s soul), and spirit may be cultivated into Oneness, which is beyond all these.

This is a very fundamental overview of the foundations for the Great Work.

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