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Achieving Practical Results

PracticalSpiritualityYou will not evolve or spiritually advance simply by sitting, or vibrating love; simply knowing or understanding something is a completely different matter from experience or mastery of the same; not that these aren’t enough, but these are not the keys to our inner self-development, only tools.  To evolve, one must be involved.

To assume that we will develop spiritually or even as better persons physiologically/psychologically without our effort and attention is like a runner assuming his ability to win marathons depends primarily on having the right pair of running shoes, or an alcoholic assuming he can quit by drinking a different type of alcohol.

‘Just Be’ and ‘All is Love’ are great understandings, but absolutely WORTHLESS phrases to cling to AS understandings. These aren’t even guideposts, they should be foundational attitudes, places with which to begin our journey from; it’s a shame that most people stop here, and never spiritually develop.

Any attitude like these that encourages stagnation and comfort as imagenes-primavera-nenufar (1)opposed to growth and challenging ourselves should be discarded from our daily thinking as if it were a hindrance or something foreign and repulsive to us; we should have nothing to do with such attitudes.

If you aren’t achieving PRACTICAL RESULTS in your spiritual practice, maybe you should take another look at whether you fully understand the practice, or whether the practice itself is really implementing the correct sort of techniques to encourage development.

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