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Don’t Try to Discern the Mind With the Mind

10622943_10203356387249401_7145237448462988550_nThere must be some distance made between the awareness and the mind in terms of what we identify as; not the mind, but the mind’s operator; the witness. Physical mind will go in the ground with the body; we will not.

Truly, all thought, all emotion is dream. One foot is in memory, one foot is imagination, vacillating between past and future. Where do we stand, if not in the present? Emotion is no different; emotion is simply a juicier thought. Emotions will follow the thought; they take the long bends in the flow of life, and thoughts whizz by at right angles.

All of this is happening within you; if this is what you’re paying attention to, how much of life are you missing because of the attention paid to things that have no basis in reality?

Ultimately, we should treat all these things as spices to life, not the reality of life itself.  When thoughts and emotions are spices to life, they are no longer the meal, the thing we’re focused on, they are simply flavors that mix. If the meal you are eating depends wholly on the spices, it’s a bad meal, isn’t it? In the same way, our life should not depend on our thoughts and our emotions; after all, these things come up out of our life, our life does not–should not–come up out of them.

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