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What you're seeking for is where you're seeking from.

You Own Nothing

You do not own your body, you do not own the land, you do not own anything in the world before you.  Everything you have and see before you, yes, even your body, you are borrowing for a little while and when you die, you will give it back. In what shape you give it back and what impact you had while you were borrowing it is the responsibility you share for existing.  Because of this, the only thing you owe is existence itself, and it always collects. All other ideas, such as debt, are illusion.  Dissolve all ideas that hold you back from truth and freedom: morals, ethics, creeds, ideologies, beliefs, anything and everything that does not allow the fullest expression of who and what you are. And who is that exactly?
10252174_10202486157734207_6728216307275138174_nGo out.  Make mistakes, and learn from them.  Explore, challenge authority and ideas, dogmas and precepts, and learn how to take the good and the bad with gratitude and acceptance.  Discover yourself.  You must act, but you mustn’t let action dominate you; in the heart of every moment is the Truth of existence, and your equilibrium with that determines the joy in your life.  Those who master others are weak.  Those who master themselves are the strongest force in all existence; there can be made no difference between them and the rest of all reality.
All you do will be aright, if it so be that you enjoy it.  Enter into anything and everything that you do with all your heart, and you will be sure to gain great experience.  An ounce of experience weighs more than all the philosophy in the world; knowledge is understanding it, but wisdom is DOING IT.  Follow the maxim of universal success in anything and everything that you do: DO IT EVERY DAY.

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