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Accord Without a Leader

“Top yin: Accord without a leader bodes ill.”


Being ignorant yet acting arbitrarily on one’s own, one is incapable of inner accord an10694357_10203673917987471_9175276580667838695_od also incapable of outer accord. Relying on one’s own yin alone, acting as one pleases, after all one will never get out. This is accord without leadership. Accord without leadership is a waste of one’s life; one will grow old without accomplishment, bringing about one’s own downfall. This is someone who from start to finish does not know how to accord with people.

The barriers of practice of reality involves accord with those imbued with the Tao on the part of those lacking in the Tao, accord with those imbued with virtue on the part of those lacking in virtue. It all requires the true aspiration of the real mind, applying effort with every step, so that the power of the Tao will eventually be correctly centered and balanced.

When the power of Tao is correctly centered and balanced, the golden elixir enters the mouth and transforms all negativities. It is like a cat catching a mouse.

When gathering medicine, it is necessary to use the bellows; when refining oneself, true lead is needed. If you carry out the path of accord without knowing the fundamental, without knowing the basis which is always right, acting arbitrarily, even if you don’t fall into accord with the wrong people you will wind up in accord without leadership, causing error and suffering misfortune—this is the way it will inevitably turn out. So students should indeed [know how to] approach true teachers.

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