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The Lightning Path and Transmission from a Guru

Raz-NinjaBy far, the quickest stimulus to spiritual evolution is in the awakening and rising of Kundalini, the evolutionary energy that lies dormant within us. Our bodies (mind, heart, and physicality) must be properly prepared and aligned through kriyas that strengthen the will, intention, and sensitivity to the energy body. Then, like a lover who’s enticed to a pleasing abode, Kundalini will naturally rise.

The blockages and restrictions that keep our two fundamental polarized energies from merging, when lessened, allow the Active principle (Shakti) in the khanda to sense Her lover, Shiva, who resides in the Nirvana Chamber (of the brain).

When we are preparing, especially under the guidance of one who has gone before (the Guru), having the privilege to sit with the Guru and receive a transmission of the energy necessary to awaken Kundalini is a rare and very cherished privilege. Where it may take one several months or years of continual work, a dedicated practitioner with a certain degree of work on the bodies may be able to work with the Guru to let go and receive what the Guru has to give.

Recognizing, honoring, and cherishing this rare opportunity helps us to keep perspective on the intimate and very involved engagement between the practitioner and the Guru. The Lightning Path is not for everyone, but at some point in the path, a practitioner will work and cultivate him/herself to a sufficient degree that this opportunity becomes available to them.

Kundalini Alchemy v3Properly cultivated and lured into the central column (vagus nerve), Shakti begins to work on the practitioner, and at that moment, the degree to which the practitioner can keep him/herself polarized to Shiva, letting go and remaining unattached, is the degree to which Shakti will rise, cleanse, and impart Her indescribable degrees of inner bliss and healing.

The Guru simply plays the role of the billows; Shakti is the flame, and the practitioner is the furnace and chimney in which She burns and consumes all the dross and nonsense impeding the flow of abundance and bliss in our lives.

Where before, one may have only had the capacity to light the lower cauldron, she breaks the restrictions to complete a channel of flow like the current between poles of a battery. This double-torroidial force constantly rises from below, expands at the heart, and releases at the Nirvana Chamber, completing the circuit and passing current back to the lower cauldron to keep the continuous cycle of energy flow, in greater and greater degrees.

Once an experience like this is attained, working with and merging with the energy is an absolutely intuitive process. There exist further techniques in all aspects, including specifics on how to raise Kundalini, but once She has risen, now the practitioner has the strength to abase themselves to the bliss without attachment and continue to build the flow of energy.

This is where the Path really begins; once we cease to exist, and all words, labels, and ideas lose their meaning awash in the clear light of bliss, when true liberation is tasted, the soul can long for nothing else.

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