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Spiritual Senses and Deepening Our Awareness

The above article is decent; however, some of these senses the way they’re described (not the titles) are siddhis and aren’t directly related to the spiritual process of liberation. Remote viewing is something that not everyone develops, even as they become more sensitive and open to the energies.

We do have all of these abilities within us, but if we haven’t worked to allow them to unfold, focusing on them instead of liberation may derail us from our actual evolution.

Developing physical versions of expanded awareness is pointless, seeing as how this state (the physical) is a temporal place filled with distortions and illusions. We should always be working on gaining strength to remain in a permanent and heightened, ever-evolving state.

Astral projection and remote viewing are separate skills; remote viewing is astraling while still in the mental projection of waking awareness.

pratyahara-520It’s true that the 5 physical senses will deepen through spiritual practice; but far more than 6 ‘psychic’ senses exist in an expanded vessel of awareness.

There is also the matter of each of the five senses being associated with a particular element, and the essence of each element–and therefore sense–being singular, and hence, unified.  The fact that we experience senses distinctly from one another–though smell and taste are very close in sensation–is an illusion created by the categorization and interpretation of the mind, which serves to filter the information experienced.

The six illusory sense data, thus created, divided (the undivided nature) into seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. ~ Surangama Sutra, p.129

When one is expanding into new senses, the physical senses are merging together.  One can ‘see’ music and ‘taste’ color, etc.; this type of synesthesia is also experienced during the expansive awareness induced from partaking in entheogens, which allow the vessel to expand beyond its normally imposed restrictions for a time.  So, the additional senses may be developed and experienced once the 5 physical senses have ‘withdrawn’ and merged, a practice known in yogic meditation as ‘pratyahara’.

Ananda, if all your sense organs are rooted out, your inner light will appear, all transient sense data as well as the changing conditions of the material world will vanish, like ice melted by boiling water, and you will realize Supreme Bodhi instantly. ~ Surangama Sutra, p.158

61937_10152007909186988_245415304_nThink of it this way, Malchut (of Atzilut, A.K.A. ‘ZON’, our state of physicality ‘here’) alone has 5 senses as well as perceptions of the emotional and mental pertubations above it. How many more senses would it be when we move into the astral (‘YESHUT’/ Zeir Anpin of Atzilut, the astral body), when 6 additional Sefirot become our ‘body’?

If each Sefirot has only 5 senses (they have more), then that would be 30 additional senses. The physical mind simply doesn’t comprehend this; it has to be experienced.

‘Baby ZON’ is Malchut without any deepening or perception of the subtle worlds; Malchut de Malchut with only the entering light of Nefesh. The perception of ‘there’s only the physical world; what else is there?’

Once ZON attains greater lights through the process of deepening, each light (degree of bliss, i.e. Ruach, Neshama, Hiah, Yechida) brings us an expanded awareness and perception, as well as greater degrees of pleasure. The perception of ‘There’s this world, then there’s the world beyond, and my experience between and in the two.’

This process allows the five physical senses to unfold in greater degrees, giving us a ‘taste’ of the next state’s (YESHUT’s) body of sensation.

Our vessel is either always expanding, or remaining in stasis. We should not expect that we can remain in a comfortable familiarity through the process of spiritual evolution.

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