Khepfer Haru

What you're seeking for is where you're seeking from.

to touch a star

968979_157957621054980_1263730017_nfrom that day when we first kissed
and formed our holy lover’s tryst
two stars trade a shimm’ring light
amidst the faint and faery night

upon their face, a gleam so bright
that moons’ glow pales in love’s delight
o little star, little sprite
fluttery flitting in the night

my eyes flickering to find
you in the bliss-blurred field of sight
how curious, warm, and gentle light
joyous, wondrous, pure delight

should fall from heav’n to me tonight
o star, though beautiful you are from afarIKtnjXT
your light a lambent flame of blue

“none, breathed the light, faint and faery
of the stars, and two”

enclosed in rapture, burning love
of brilliant, bliss-filled hue
i do utterly and forever
give myself to you

~  © Khepfer Haru 2012


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