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Belief Vs Change

“Just believe it is so.” Maybe; how intensely can you believe? If you can bend the very fabric of space and time by the intensity of your belief, you can make it happen. Otherwise, you’re just fooling yourself. The reason why: ‘belief’ as discussed here (bad choice of words) isn’t on the conscious level. Everything is root and branch; the physical is the branch so if something at the root (energetic level) is affecting the branch, the physicality responds accordingly.

Awareness – Limitlessness576844_10151880821346988_1634535591_n
Energy – Emanation
Mental – Creation
Emotional – Formation
Physical – Manifestation

The Awareness and Energy are above mental projections, so the idea that belief alone can change the physical is only partially true. It’s an incomplete story, because we’re ignorant of the root desire and karmic (cause-effect energetics) ties at play in the physical manifestation.
If we can align the three lower bodies to allow the Awareness to arise unfettered into the level of Energy, we can then work at the root level to affect the branch. In this way, we can ‘choose’ to heal and remove blockages causing all the ailments in the human system.

But going to someone who has a ‘terminal illness’ and telling them that they need to ‘believe’ to be healed is like telling someone who doesn’t know differential calculus to just ‘believe’ that they can use it to solve problems. Instead, if one ‘believes’ that they can learn, grow, and reach the root of the issue, this will keep them motivated. Efforts are required in order to achieve.

ugodWill and Intention are still the primary keys. The habitual mind has no power when it comes to its thoughts affecting reality consciously; this must be cut through by an indomitable will and an inflamed intention in order to reach the throne on high, our birthright from which we rule over the kingdom (physical) below.

Energy flows where attention goes. In other words, if you can keep your focus and intention on this desire, it’ll have to happen.

There are layers to this, of course. If I can work at the level of the physical, I have to make only the physical changes I’m aware of to effect change.

If I am aware of the emotional level, I can work with my emotional drives to instill that energy towards change. So on for Mental.

The true power comes when I can touch the energetic level, and begin to dissolve the three lower ‘elemental’ stages (physical – earth, emotional – water, mental – air) into the fire of energy (the transformer). I can then begin affecting the root instead of the branch.

Working in fire can sublimate earth, air and water. If I can sublimate all of these to enter ‘void’ or ‘ether’, I can move into affecting instantaneous and very powerful change at any level/element below.

We all used to be masters of the elements, alchemists in the truest sense.

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