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Why Do People Always Seem to Have an Agenda?

woman-behind-maskQ: Why do people always seem to have an agenda, instead of focusing on love? Why is society backwards? It seems to drive us towards all these superficial activities that never seem to fulfill us, why?

A: Society is backwards, because the institutions forming society are backwards, and the individuals who comprise society function backwards in their process. Making sweet for bitter, and bitter for sweet, all clarity is obscured by the assumptions and interpretations of the mind.

People have agendas because they are seeking fulfillment outside of themselves. We will break this down in a moment, but for the present, let us look carefully at the reaction to other peoples’ agendas.

People have been trained to stay guarded and always assume an agenda in others, but this is a path of fear. People in such habitual patterns don’t realize that, in order to assume an agenda in others, there must exist an agenda in them with respect to how they relate with others.

If you are fully disengaged with this process, it does not matter if others have an agenda or not, you, having no agenda, are free from the whole matter entirely.

Tao PlungePresent in the moment, you keep to your compass center, your core truth, and no harm can come to you from outside or in. Negativity vanishes, everything now serves the purpose of your and everyone’s evolution and advancement, and there is profound calm and inner peace.

It all has to do with one’s intention. If the intention is for someone else, it will only be perceived negatively if the person is confused in the illusion that everyone has an agenda. If one’s intention has an agenda, it will be perceived negatively by the person who’s looking for an agenda, and positively by a person looking for an agenda if it bolsters and feeds their ego.

Human interactions are over-complicated in their explanations; in practice, it’s quite simple, on the level of ‘is this good for me’ or ‘is this not good for me’ value judgments, else on the level of ‘who cares’ and ‘is that so?’, which is a different level entirely and completely removed from value judgments and the like.

The core of human nature is to grow and expand indefinitely. This only has negative consequences when we direct this force outwards, trying to expand into a finite space with finite resources. If we instead direct ourselves inwardly, we would discover an infinite, untapped, virgin space that’s ready to take all of our expansive drives and feed back to us ineffably greater degrees of bliss.

560719_4233761156417_49515907_nThis sort of outward projection of our drive to expand causes many consequences and perpetuates all the problems we see in our society today. One example of this lies in our reproductive urges, which continually and exponentially contribute to our species’ expansion, well above the equilibrium point of balance with natural systems.

If humans cannot regulate their processes consciously, nature will do that for us. Overbreeding will be coupled with die-offs, and technology can only go so far as to prevent that. Everyone looks at a culling event negatively, but they do not realize that not only is earth better off without our species (as we currently operate and relate to nature), but that a culling event actually preserves our species, because without it, we would spread like a virus and eventually starve ourselves into extinction.

We must take a step back from these sorts of unconscious drives and processes, recognize their reality, but detach from them in ourselves, in order to not contribute to cycles that are negative or harmful to us. Giving ourselves time to direct our attention inwards yields many fruits not found when pursued outside ourselves.

734680_4092640724815_486218520_nAt the end of the day, we’re all pleasure-seekers in one form or another, but limiting the form of pleasure or expecting it to come from outside ourselves in an unlimited way is a very ignorant way of relating to our innate drive. If the outside is temporal and finite, and never satiates us, that tells us two things: 1) my drives are actually infinite, since they cannot be fulfilled by a finite source, and 2) any seeking for fulfillment outside of myself is actually futile, since it will always render a temporary result.

Every human being, without exception, wants infinitely greater and greater degrees of pleasure and bliss. How we go about achieving this determines the entirety of our relationship with ourselves and others, with our environment and nature, and towards the process of living in general.

Denial of pleasure is spiritual suicide, just as is the outward pursuit and seeking of pleasure in limited clothed forms. If we remove the form by going within to the source of where this entire game arises, we unveil the shroud of mystery that’s been draped over our entire process.

How deeply you can embed into that moment of clarity is the sole determiner to how much bliss you can experience in your life. Oh, and another thing: it’s permanent. There’s no such thing as ‘temporary’ in the infinite. The only question becomes: How much more infinite bliss can you handle, right now?

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