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Who’s In Control

28775_456284167766081_559430552_nFrom our limited perspective, how can we know that what ‘seems good’ to us or ‘bad’ to us is actually either perspective?  You can only conclude that from your limited subjective perception, your small egoic identity feels better or worse in response to a particular aligned attitude, be it ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

Since thoughts are more subtle than emotions or actions, when we are in a positive frame of mind, we are constantly sending a signal of that positivity and the surrounding reality resultingly responds to that vibration.  However, just like any signal, what you’re broadcasting — your intention — is only one piece of the puzzle. The other half — your will — determines the strength of your broadcast.  If your mind was utterly and completely clear, every single thought you generate would manifest almost immediately.

funny-gifs-sand-people-trippingFortunately, since you likely would not want every single thought you have to manifest due to a lack of conscious control over the thoughts that you generate, the strength of will you have — along with your intention — also serves to dampen this effect quite considerably.

If you are choosing to find good in things to positive effect, that is wonderful.  Everything existing is ultimately ‘good’, since it all comes from the same Source as our existence, and not otherwise.  However, for the purposes of the game here and now, we may choose to affect our influence based on our perception.

Nothing we do here will ultimately ever really matter, in any true permanent sense, since every change we effect, no matter how lasting, is ultimately temporal in a temporary and ever-changing existence.  So the philosophy of ‘carpe diem’ and ‘live in the moment’ carries a lot of merit, but it should be applied much deeper than the surface level of physical reality and experience, down to the ultimate root of our being.

405907_2722914307557_727531210_nPerhaps you have discovered the power of your positive thinking and attitude.  But where do your thoughts come from?  If you consciously generated every single thought, you would be able to answer this, but most unfortunately cannot.  Those digging deeper can only say that “Well, I have this desire, which is more akin to a ‘feeling’ (but not an emotional feeling, rather a ‘gravitation’ or ‘magnetic’ pull), and then I develop thoughts about this desire, weighing what the desire ‘means’ to me, and then my body produces emotions about how I feel about fulfilling that desire, and finally I act accordingly.”

This is correct, but we did not solve the problem of where our thoughts come from, because if our thoughts come from an initial desire, then where does initial drive or desire this spring forth from?

Are you in conscious control — not suppression, repression, or coercion — of your desires?  If not, then you are forced to admit that some influence ‘outside’ your perception — something you are unconscious of — is dictating to you your inner state.  So, while you might be more free than those who have no conscious control or awareness over their thoughts, are you truly free?

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