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Questions & Discernments

430980_254284221378371_1276293051_nQuestion: “What is my elevation; am I high or low? What is my scale; am I big or small. What is my value; am I quality or not? What is my grade; am I fine or coarse?”

Response: All of these judgments and evaluations we might find useful for self-critique, but actually keep us far away from spirituality. This constant analysis of our current state in relation to the whole is our reason that the light veils itself from us, by our disparity of form to it.

When we analyze, we are physiologically imbalanced and not a vibrational match to the simple unified light of existence, and so myriad distinctions and degradations occur between our perception and the infinite light that pervades all existence.

Now, this process itself of analysis is indeed a natural functioning of the mind, but when it occludes our awareness and becomes the sole field of our perception, we are caught up in this process, instead of allowing it to unfold in its natural course. Our mind’s function is as a servant and tool to be used when the awareness decides to find use in it; if it is functioning constantly and incessantly entangling our awareness, then we, identified with mind, will never rise above to pierce the veil beyond our limited understanding into the infinite field of consciousness awaiting us.

energybodyIn order to move beyond mind, our will must be strengthened so that mind, instead of being dull and prone to entrancement in myriad unconscious repetitive processes, is sharpened to hold a singular, fixed point. Our middot (emotional body) can then incite its fervor with an intention to inflame ourselves with heightened energy; like a fire focused, its intensity compounds until we unite the two pillars to create a current of energy that propels us into spirit.

Without completing this connection, no matter how much gnana practice or study you perform, no matter your mitzvot, no matter your devotional practice, you will not achieve spirituality, because its fundamental basis within your own system is lacking the necessary application.

When questions of the mind arise, always ask first, “Who cares?”, “Who’s asking?”, because all these questions do not come from the position of the awareness, but from the small self, which must gauge and judge its position relative to subjective circumstance in order to determine how it must think, feel, and act. This has nothing to do with the soul, which is the true observing awareness, but is simply a clothing or vehicle which we utilize for a short while in order to conduct our advancement from a static state into infinite, heightened degrees of bliss.

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