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There Is a Process to Merging Into the Spirit

10405257_586903231425109_1581608540522628808_nThere are many who think that the process of connecting with spirit unfolds in a way unique to them, and while the subjective perception will certainly experience its evolution in its own unique way, because our vessels (physical, emotional, and mental bodies) are all constructed based on the same ‘image’ or ‘structure’, we cannot say that the process is different for each individual in terms of the ‘steps’ or ‘sequence’.

One individual may have different energetic blockages and restrictions than I do, but the system and energetic body through which the energy flows is structurally identical.  It is therefore a false teaching to instruct that the method for entering the spirit differs for each individual; there are different types of techniques and practices, but all work on the same fundamental process of cultivating and harnessing energy for the purposes of strengthening our awareness and merging into the spiritual worlds.

The physical analogue to this example would be that human bodies come in all shapes in sizes, but each body has the same set of blood vessels, nerves, tissue, bones and organs with which it’s composed.  This is the same in the spirit; though the energetic body is not composed of physical matter, it holds to an energetic structure that does not vary in how it’s composed, but only in how the blockages, veils or restrictions are arranged in the perception of each unique consciousness.

tumblr_mv4j2iIrvX1s69it0o2_400The words ‘step’ and ‘sequence’ are poor descriptors, since the process of merging with spirit is not one that unfolds in logical steps, but for the purposes of embedding into the infinite, there are ‘stages’ that do unfold.

The teachings that we should first touch the chakras from the top-down is upside-down because our awareness isn’t coming grounded from the higher chakras; if this were the case, there would be nothing in our perception to correct and we would already be experiencing our infinite nature in which we already, in truth, exist.

However, because we’re falling short of perceiving that truth, it should be clear that we should not ignore any aspect of our being in climbing the ‘ladder’ to touch infinity.  Our perception is currently finite because our primordial energy (Shakti) has fallen asleep and coiled Itself in identification with sense objects present in the Muladhara (root) chakra, synonymous with full anchoring to physical ‘reality’.

Therefore, our first task is to develop sensitivity with the various chakra centers, particularly awakening sensation in the root, where Shakti lies dormant.  This is done by applying a strengthened Will and Intention, our primary keys for which preliminary practices are crucial in order to develop the strength and proficiency necessary to sit with intense, one-pointed awareness on the area of focus.

energybodyBefore we can connect to and open our energetic centers, beginning at the root, we must first strengthen our awareness through building our Will and Intention, because without the ability to hold an intention and concentrated awareness at a particular center, we will not conduct and draw the pranic force down and the apanic force up into that area to awaken it.

In yogic terms, we must first achieve Pratyahara – the ability to turn the senses ‘off’ from the outside and instead inward – and Pranayama – the ability to conduct energy throughout the body, starting with the breath.  Once these two techniques are well-developed, we can begin practicing Dharana – single-pointed focus through our focused awareness, or Will.  This will eventually lead to Dhyana – union of the observer with the observed, the achievement of awareness in ‘theta’ brainwave state and the entrance to the spiritual worlds – and finally, Samadhi – indescribable bliss awareness and full emergence into the spiritual reality.

When energy can be sensed directly and tangibly in the root, we can begin to cultivate energy to enhance awareness.  We cultivate and concentrate an ‘inner fire’ called Tummo, Agni, or ChandaliKundalini energy in expression – which constitutes the subtle ‘engine’ for our energy in a kinetic or dynamic form.  This stored ‘Vital Force‘ becomes the fuel with which our Will directs and our Intention ‘accelerates’ to build and harness the energy, allowing the ‘lower’ pole to rise and unite with its ‘higher’, complementary polarity.

upperlowerunionwiretriangleOur goal is to connect the two poles of energetic vibration, ‘Shakti‘ below rising to meet ‘Shiva‘ above, so that we can sense the energy flowing and building in a constant feedback loop in our awareness, raising our vibration into a similarity to the ‘upper’ spiritual state, where we merge into a higher vibratory anchor.

This is an infinite process, meaning that to the degree that I can allow the energy in my vessel to build unimpeded by my mental, emotional, and physical undulation, to the degree that I can handle the increasing levels of bliss-energy as the vibrational frequency I’m experiencing increases, is the degree to which I merge into the spiritual worlds.

This process takes dedication and what seems like diligent effort to ‘achieve’, but is something innately capable for every person, since our infinite nature is already ever-present and merely currently not witnessed by our waking awareness.  There really is nothing else to the foundation of this process; once this is understood and achieved, an entirely new realm of reality opens up to us.

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