Khepfer Haru

What you're seeking for is where you're seeking from.

Realizing the Whole

303665_10151897133676988_385072244_nNonexistent nothingness
is nowhere to be found,
leaving a transcendent state
so silently profound

that words profane the emptiness
where joyfulness abounds,
casting fears asunder
when triumphant hearts resound.

Each translation of transmission
sent from the direct
carries the distortions
of perception that project

the limits of the message
387126_455408921180210_1272350232_nour understanding will reflect,
when truth exists in how we feel
our lives as they connect.

A fixed point cannot exist
relating to the whole,
and yet each point existing
is the center of the soul;

the circumference all around us
is an infinite horizon,
the sphere of which no creature shall
manage to lay its eyes on.

Giving words to inner actions
does no justice to the soul;
Suffice to say, in each one’s way,
we realize the whole.

The shades of a reflection
77051_479970548720629_1804690322_nhang over this illusion,
casting all the innocents
in bondage and confusion.

You ask me what’s our birthright,
our evolving destiny:
to rise up from the ashes
born to what we will to be;

not servants and not enslaved souls,
but Light and Liberty,
an ever-expanding awareness
expressed beyond all boundary.

~ © Khepfer Ḥāru 10.14

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