Khepfer Haru

What you're seeking for is where you're seeking from.

The Invisible Universe

399290_486892751325697_772215978_nA space between your thoughts,
a space between my eyes,
a place inside your heart,
the truth between the lies,
everyone, these words, me, and you;
to look upon the oldest form revealed in something new:

Superluminal velocities of divine, inspired love
generate the gravity, a below and above.
Less than the width of a hair on the surface of Mars
to greater than distances of travel ‘tween stars
is the visible spectrum that falls on our eyes
(dependent on which path a photon may lie)
to the boundless, free ocean of light and of love
emanated invisibly to the visible above
in the screen of the mind and the beat of the heart,380697_330793747009465_1959869175_n
permeating within, from your innermost parts.

The invisible universe is greater, by far
than all that we see and think that we are.
A forever unknown and wholly untouched
infinite journey awaits those unclutched
to the visible spectrum and all it entails,
taken in with each breath–in our lungs when expelled.

The space between emotion, the stillness in action,IKtnjXT
our highest intention, and lowest reaction;
the invisible universe eternally maintains
all we forget and what we retain.
What we perceive and all that we miss
occurs in the passion of lovers’ first kiss.
The webs of impulse, signal of devotion
ecstatically commune in two bodies, one motion.

Our eternal vision of love to inspire
our heart’s greatest passion and ceaseless desire:
to navigate orbitals of higher domains
where we as photon fly free, unrestrained.

~ © Khepfer Haru 2.14

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