Khepfer Haru

What you're seeking for is where you're seeking from.

An Automatic Writing Session

576437_3523848048501_1041101122_3127025_1942440386_nThat which distinguishes is that which is not,

a broken taint in a seamless dream far from the shores of reality

Crystalline spheres shed light as we do breath,

drawing gentle life into all the folds of the Mother’s great Womb.

Ash’ka lines fairly drawn in fields of shifting wheat

[incomplete thought]

Presence is not a destination, but a determination of the soul

536349_4904491896555_682731800_nto clearly reflect the ever-present awareness.

That which is identified is not that which it identifies with;

the soul is a garment clothing infinity.

The experiences of the soul weave a tapestry that unfolds into divinity;

the forms fall away, unveiling purity in one clear vibration.

Clarity is the Father, Vibration the Mother,

and we, dancing betwixt the two, are the Children.

~ 2:00p, 5.21.15

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