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The Non-Reality of Phenomenal Appearances and the Transitory Nature of What Is Mistakenly Called ‘Reality’

163371_485739228128200_1968153813_nEverything in this life is transitory and ultimately without prime substance. Everything experienced in this existence comes filtered through perceptive senses from a swirling unknown of energy in a vast vacuum. The substance that we perceive and call ‘matter’, all solids, liquids, gases, and indeed every state that we can perceive and experience is scientifically known to be 99.9999999999999% empty space. This would mean that the entirety of what we call ‘reality’ is an 0.00000000000001% radiative afterglow of transitory and fluctuating energy cascading into density that’s susceptible to being read by our senses. This speaks to the utter non-reality of what we call reality.

Everything that we say is ‘real’, ‘normal’ in society, etc. is an illusory and transitory game. Everything you see that has a beginning will have an end, and will collapse back into nothingness. This means that any individual believing him or herself to be externally defined by the material dressing he or she wears will, upon the destruction of their body at death, fall into a confused void and, unable to recognize the true state of existence, will return to the illusion of matter and cycle through the sangsaric (transitory) experience again, and again, until that soul recognizes that the individual and separated, particulate experience is itself the illusion. This cannot be intellectually grasped or understood, we must experience it for ourselves.

394198_385246904879299_1692948678_nAnything whatsoever that is observed is changed by the act of observation. Our will, then, is the ability to fix our awareness unceasingly upon a singular point. The fineness of our will determines how sharp our focus is, just like a magnifying glass concentrating the rays of the sun upon a fixed point. When we focus inwardly, realizing ourselves to be full of this vacuous nature of energy, we affect change and penetrate the layers of our perceptive filters covering up the truth.

Our intention, then, is the degree to which we can devote our intensity, and our ‘purpose’, the nature of our focus itself, which should be nothing less than to liberate from the bondage of illusion and discover the true nature that lies underneath all of the filters we have erected in our refusal to recognize the truth.

These two tools in and of themselves give us everything we need in order to pierce the veil of self-deception and recognize our true state, which is void of any fixed forms or ideas.

182508_304110743036958_1552958610_nIt does not matter what anyone tells you about existence; ‘we’re all One’ is bullshit until you taste of it and know it intimately through to the core of your very being, and indeed, that you experience your very being to be completely inseparable from the rest of existence. Anything spoken about what lies beyond the physical and persistent illusion is profanity, because all words are formed and have their basis in the physical world.

Direct experience is required; no one can show you, no one can save you, no one can do this thing for you. You must reach out and take your birthright; the keys to your destiny–will and intention–are in your hand. They were, are, and always will be yours. We need only allow ourselves to let go, and we will naturally fall through the veil. We do it every night when we sleep; only, we’re unconscious through the experience. Sharpen your will, inflame your intention, and take back the kingdom. There is nowhere else to go, no ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow’ in which to find it, only right now, here, this moment.

~ Dedicated to Raz Iyahu ❤

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