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Temporary Pleasure Vs Atemporal Bliss

402042_301080496614101_100001364607161_741706_534485764_nJust like any other external thing used to feed an internal feeling of lack, the sensation will enter, satiate us, then leave, and we will then have to seek it out again, and again, and again, in a vicious cycle. An intelligent individual recognizes this pattern and seeks to break it, as it’s ultimately harmful and unproductive.

We should ask ourselves why we are not satisfied within this moment, why now is not enough, and why we must run to this or that thing to satisfy some inner ache.

If we understood the core nature of ourselves as desires to receive pleasure and bliss, then we can immediately recognize that this inner nature, being infinite, will never be satisfied by a temporal and finite thing.

It takes a dedicated effort and desire to touch the infinite, flowing energy within us to rise above this degree of suffering, which, make no mistake, the urge to fulfill our desires for the sake of fulfilling them–as a compulsion–comes from a state of suffering.

1235472_445808042201296_786400854_nOur cells are vibrating at hundreds and thousands of hertz, all gyrating and copulating constantly. Our blood flows and circulates through all the veins and arteries in our system every second. Our nerves are tingling with sensation, and when we are still, even the lack of sensation brings an inner sense of peace, then bliss.

How unaware are we of this process constantly unfolding within us? This is just the physical vessel; how much more profound is our energy body, which requires no boundary in which it should exist in its perfection of ecstatic harmony? All of this lies in wait patiently for us to cultivate our realization towards it.
As soon as our focus can be turned inward, away from the trappings of an external sense reality, we will be on the path to alleviating suffering and experiencing constant and ever-increasing degrees of infinite bliss.

If we are meant to simply follow our desires for the sake of fulfilling them, then there is nothing within us that separates us from an animal intelligence. The distinction I would highlight between ourselves and the animal kingdom, is that we have the unique functioning ability of determining our internal state. This is inherently at odds with the notion that we should just pursue whatever desires arise within us, which is actually a state of bondage.

34968df49a1edfd0_IMG8I could, understanding desire, manipulate your desires to whatever end I myself desired, and to the degree that you cannot resist whatever desire is manifesting within you, you would be my slave. Our existence is asking us to transcend this state of dependency on experiencing the fulfillment of our desires.

The issue raised concerning our unconscious pursuit of pleasure comes from being overly imbalanced towards the things of external reality, attempting to take the things of this world to fulfill our core desire, which innately is as futile as trying to ladle water into a bucket with a hole. It will never get full, no matter how hard we try. Instead, we must go in and plug the damn hole.

In the same way, it takes inner knowing of ourselves on a much deeper level than all of this ‘just enjoy the present’ jargon, which really means to only pay attention to the surface sensations and whatever comes. This is such a tiny fragment of the present that people will spend their entire lives believing that their stagnant level of experience is the height of spirituality. Nothing could be further from the truth.

copulatingThere is no message in here advocating the renunciation of life, or resisting pleasures, or denying ones urges or sex drives; to assume this is to misunderstand what is said. The same action may be performed with entirely different intentions, and so long as the intention of fulfilling desire is for the sake of receiving the fulfillment of that desire, our entire system will remain feeling completely broken and incomplete.

If we are already in a perfect state, then how come do we seek out orgasm, porn, ice cream, or any other thing to satisfy a feeling of lack in this moment? We’re being too ignorant for our own good here. We must recognize that there’s an inherent feeling of incompletion within ourselves, and that this is part of this present moment, before we can begin going about rectifying it.

This is not a message saying that you are ‘imperfect’ or ‘broken’, but if you pay attention, this is what you are telling yourself exactly when you feel you NEED to do something to satisfy an urge or craving. There should be no compulsion within us, not if we consider ourselves as conscious individuals; everything should be a choice, a participatory process that we release into. This becomes a subtle thing far beyond words, and we must work with our inner tools of will and intention to feel out the balance between our choice and the release itself.

542740_10200834584325845_682910303_nWhen we step back and take the higher perspective, all of our issues, even the ones that seem the most serious in the moment, become laughable, ridiculous, silly things. We take the grace of the Mother’s All-Encompassing perspective, which gives us the strength to endure all of our nonsense–and that of the world’s–so that, when perceived problems come, we can chuckle and say, ‘Is that so?’

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  1. andrew

    Kepher I am sorry for ignoring your work


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