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A Paraphrasing of the Gnostic Tractates of Creation

404573_10150517827671988_578356987_8808270_648327198_nOnce before a time, in the endless void of countless aeons of pure and perfected conscious light, a young Daughter of Divine grace took light from Her husband, and, breathing forth, formed our home amongst the heavens.  This Seed, emanated from the Daughter alone, birthed from within Her an intelligence that was unlike the host of heaven.  This consciousness, in aberration of the pure and perfected awareness, did not contain the perfection of the cosmos, but operated in irregularity in semblance to the imbalanced emanation the young Mother issued forth in Her experimentation of life.  As such, seeing the deficiency and having pity upon the newly formed god, the Mother wrapped It in a womb of light to shield it from the perfection, and to conceal Her mistake while She made efforts to rectify Her creation.

yaldabaoth_by_teadrinkinghater-d5v987bThis luminary, whom She called out to, “Child, come here,” with a face of a lion that shone like the sun and a serpentine tail, opened Its eyes and, surveying a perfect void of chaotic matter in which It could form as it pleased, declared Itself god over all existence.  In Its ignorance, It did not know that it declared to the whole host this boast, and so the heavenly order called the young Mother’s creation “blind god,” because It did not know from whence it came, and it did not know that it did not know.

Now, in the Mother’s efforts to correct the deficiency within Her womb of creation, She realized that Her creation could not exist in eternity, but saturn1bore a temporal irregularity that would eventually dissolve it back to ether.  So She birthed from Herself a retinue of other conscious beings to serve as consults for the blind god.  However, these too were born from the same light taken from Her husband and shone only through Her, and thus these deities also inherited variations of the same deficiency.  The blind god, having dreamt of other conscious beings and seen them come into being, also declared them Its creations in Its arrogance, and, through their collective ignorance, they began to devise luminaries and stations which they would inhabit in order to rule over their dominion.

theheavenofthefixedstarsNow, a whole host and order of beings, angelics, elementals, and other creations were born from the thought and intention of the blind rulers in a semblance of the order of the heavens above.  However, everything born from them also bore the deficiency, which overlay an aberration over the perfect unity of creation.  Now, their domain was physically inert, although luminaries shone forth through the darkness, and they yearned for creatures to inhabit all the worlds under their rule.  However, as they try, they cannot impress consciousness into the matter and encase an entity into a body, and all that they create are robotic intelligences and primitive viruses inhabiting the deep in the worlds.  It became clear to the Mother that this deficiency would continue to spread, and if it were not contained by a veil of higher space, it would never be allowed to exist in the hosts above.

283951_10152800983895447_342999948_nThe Young Mother worked at everything She could from the influence above to try and help the blind rulers to understand, but they lacked the capacity and the attributes they did not receive from their Mother, since the light She bore in them was not complete.  She went to Her husband and attained the light they would need to form a balance within themselves and a capacity to integrate with the hosts above, but when She brought this light before them, it struck the blind rulers as an unwanted presence, vicious and foul, as it was not in their hearts to change.  However, the blind god was humiliated before Its host, who now knew there existed something beyond them, and they vowed to never allow those beings under their dominion to know it.  Thus, the divide deepened between the chaos below, and the heavens above, and the Young Mother grew distraught.

65Having exhausted Herself from Her station of the possibilities for assisting Her fallen creation, She took the light of wisdom She had received from Her husband and, working through it, sacrificed Herself and Her station in order to enter Her creation and work for its advancement from within.  She embodied a lifeless form around a luminary and, engendering the life from Her spirit, became Earth.  From fertile Earth, the blind rulers watched astounded as foreign living things erupted from the once lifeless mud and sea.  The evolving heart of the young Mother sought to teach the blind rulers, first from their ways, and then leading into perfection, from each order of things, from the mineral, plant, and eventually animal species that flourished on Earth.  Finally, people arose from the mud of the Earth and from the thread of life that had been formed from the love of the young Mother.

560719_4233761156417_49515907_nNow the blind gods were jealous of the humans that now populated the Earth, since they saw that their spark was from the light above and could overthrow them if allowed to flourish.  However, they felt that the fate of the humans belonged to them, since it was in their image physically that the humans arose.  The humans, in their naivety, did not know these gods to be foreign in creation and fell prey to the rulers’ impressions.  The rulers began to sow the seeds of their imbalanced state in the minds and hearts of the humans, and watched as the humans began to propagate every kind of destructive atrocity possible against the Mother Earth, in accordance with the blind rulers’ efforts to sabotage the purpose of creation and the upliftment of consciousness into the higher hosts.

205343_111540362319425_2082997822_nThis continued through the aeons of darkness, until the cycle began to bring the Mother Earth into an alignment of clarity with Her husband.  She finally found a clear connection to borrow more light from the husband and to continue Her work of illuminating and uplifting Her beloved Children, but Her work alone is not enough.  Up until this time, the majority of humanity has worked against Her, and nine times before has this cycle failed to produce a triumph worthy of liberating the beings from the blind rulers and the matrix of chaos they have designed.  We have the support and love of our Mother, but we must work with Her in order to free ourselves, as there is no coercion in the Mother’s love, only support for the willing and the strong, those who desire to shed themselves from the limited and be born into the limitless light of the worlds beyond, our Mother’s birth place and our original home.

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