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What Is the Purpose of Existence?

58065_106678902861478_310672416_nWhat is the purpose of existence, if what exists is unaware?


If one believes themselves to be the body, then they are already a dead and decaying thing; having no substantial basis, they fall right into delusion.


Who is it that sees?  It is not the body, it is not the emotions, it is not the mind, it is the all-pervading awareness.


Alive and ultimately clear, it has no form and neither becomes nor ceases to be.


If the way in life is unclear or seems dull, it is because it has been obscured by the trappings of the senses; the awareness has fallen prey to the mind and has been lulled into a sleepiness, which is the birth of all suffering.


The first step towards realization is knowing that there’s a problem. Fundamentally, we are infinite and clear.


935569_388655194583248_1796012627_nBut in experience, we cling to a dead thing and therefore aren’t aware of anything other than a machine that consumes itself and dissolves into nothing.


Another birth into a suffering existence doesn’t lie much further beyond, and death can come at any time to take away the opportunity for realization now.


Being in this life without knowing about the problem is like one who is unaware that they are terminally ill; while they are dying, the medicine is right there, but they don’t know to take it.


Once one becomes aware of the problem of suffering, the work is to turn the light of consciousness around, to peer through the disturbances of the body, emotions and mind to see the root of cause and effect.  The awareness is beyond these illusions, and seeing the root is the action of dissolving the delusion so that the truth can be experienced directly.


prayerThis is called turning the light around, and provides the foundation for realization.  There isn’t much more to it, and making it a complicated and unnatural process of mind only serves to add to the deluded state and to take away the keys to the kingdom within.


Without this core secret, we would surely drift along for aeons without realizing our true nature.  When the vitality of the body dies and the energy dissipates, the fire of the spirit extinguishes and the will collapses into the ghost cave of ephemeral drifting.  The result is an unaware and hungry spirit that seeks another birth into this illusion of physical life.


Because we neither come into being nor cease to be, the illusory cycle of birth, death and rebirth will continue eternally until we become aware of our essential nature, which is clear, pure, and free from all clinging to forms and attachments to illusions.


563721_152899311531573_88445694_nThe purpose of existence is first awareness and realization of our infinite nature, and then liberation from the ego identity of duality that splits our essential illumination into a light of understanding and an individual who understands.


The Buddha Shakyamuni said, “It is enough to stop pursuing.”  In other words, it is enough to turn the light around, to establish a platform of will so that the seeing is clear, to free the repression in our hearts so that the intention is inflamed, and to reserve and build vitality so that the body’s ailments subside and the energy is more easily sensed.  These three things are the whole of the foundation upon which we free ourselves to live joyously, boundless and free.

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