Khepfer Haru

What you're seeking for is where you're seeking from.

on the day this body unspins

Werner Hornung_Nice meeting you_reverseon the day this body unspins,
the mortal façade, unfixed, begins
to dissolve; the tenuous sinew rends
and unbends into ends without ends

through the channels of life that flow—
o to be caught in earth’s soft undertoe
of the heart’s rhythmic hues,
the sun’s swift golden dews
rain life on a garden aglow

from fire with a lyre that speaks,
sings, weaves sweet tales and shrieks
whatever may hear draws tenderly near
to the spire of a heart’s hidden peaks

waterfallgreeneryforestwhen the spine plumbs a line without time,
a nexus of nymphs flow forth wine,
for the leaves on the breath
span immeasurable breadth
in a honey-cone milk-flowing clime

lo! there in bamboo
a canoe built for two
to ferry us ‘yond all the shores
past distance, ends, limits and lores
where the world’s made with our love that stays true

deathspiritpassingtobardodown waterfalls pour out your name
and its sweetness is pure and untame
’round the old river stone
in its face is yours shone;
with all tingling bits you refrain!

the worn body decays and moulds down
into the hearth’s embrace aground
to the branch, the root, and the tree
spun blissfully, thrown eternally
upon the heights of heavens resound!

~ © Khepfer Haru 10.12

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