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The Partnership of Inner and Outer Alchemy (Neidan and Weidan)

Just so people understand this a bit more clearly, regarding the spiritual traditions there have always existed in tandem Neidan and Weidan.  Neidan, or ‘inner alchemy’ focuses on the transformation of ourselves into pure awareness.  Weidan, or ‘outer alchemy’ seeks the same goal in nature, part of what some mistakenly call ‘external’. (However, since it is outside of the physical vessel, we can consider Weidan ‘external’ in that context.)

Weidan transforms matter into its pure expression; it Buddha-fies, Christifies, perfects the bodies of the matter into its innermost nature, which is no different from our own primordial and essential nature.  Since this source is realized through the cleansing, circulating, reducing, separating and recombining the primes and elements via alchemical process, and just as it is inwardly through yogic, Kabbalist, tantric, taoist, or any other Neidan practice, we should see and realize their partnership.  Neidan and Weidan are utilized in tandem not because it is ‘necessary’ or a ‘crutch’ in some sense, but as a simple result of Nature offering Herself to us.

We can partnership with Her in creating a more perfected expression of what is in every moment.  Neidan is the way, but Weidan provides us another helpmate in realizing our essential nature, also referred to as ‘reduction of ego state to allow a deeper, more subtle connection transcending the small self’, which is, of course, what any real spiritual practitioner is after, to the exclusion of everything else.

Once we raise that intention and develop the clarity necessary to have the vision and the energy of unification, we automatically begin changing, enhancing, ‘cleansing’ our beings’ distortions and held illusions, allowing us more freedom, clarity, is-ness, awareness, bliss, etc.

Someone who has mastered both Weidan and Neidan has toiled many, many years partnering the two and finding the ways in which Nature provides Her fullest abundance, creating strong healing alchemical elixirs, pure material distilled into true spirit and vitality, two fundamental ingredients for increased awareness and a more expanded consciousness.  Nothing else has been as effective for my practice than that amazing, bright, clear, wondrous execution of Weidan mastery; appreciatively developed from an amazing individual and his years of sacrifice, genius, art, application, and execution of the apex of alchemical skill.  The result of that commitment is Solarum.

For any serious practitioner looking to give back to their vitality, clarity, and exuberance of life, Solarum provides in abundance with natural regenerative elements.  We seek the healthiest, most beneficial foods in our system to give back to the body and to assist our practice.  In the same way, we drink healthy, breathe fully, and all of it is alchemy.

Our bodies break down and digest energy in the air, water, and food to restore health, in various chemical messengers, and subtler to provide us with the prana to live.  Solarum provides an incredible amount of prana in an incredibly tiny body, meaning it passes right through the walls in our cells and provides energy and rejuvenation directly into the cell.  While delivering healing medicine without the body having to break it down isn’t new science, the product of alchemy, concentrating vitality into such a refined and magnificent spirit hasn’t been available until now.  And truly, this is just the beginning; Solarum prepares us for ever more awakening, clarity, consciousness, and bliss.

If you want a more exuberant expression of yourself, more clarity, energy, deep healing and cleansing, inspiration and bliss in your life, then it’s here and available now.  Solarum keeps you connected, and in conjunction with a spiritual practice from a living teaching of self-mastery – which in great honor and reverence to the lineage holders, exists in proliferation despite the distorted memes, religions, dogmas, etc. – the awareness propels into exponential and radiant growth.

We at The Lucid Sky also provide a free learning center to help engage our potential and speed up the process of our own evolution, realization, and liberation; the Neidan arm and partner to our Weidan product, Solarum.  Visit us at and join a family of dedicated spiritual practitioners.

We all want to relax into utter clarity and bliss, but we also crave movement and evolution; the ebb and flow of life is a dance between Nature and us in their infinite uniting, and this is how She partners with us in our own growth and creation in the All.  For vitality and inner transformation, it’s Solarum and The Lucid Sky.

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