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Rhythm, Polarity & Understanding the Game That’s Being Played On You

Once you understand that the outside is simply a ‘game’ being played on you via a higher consciousness, that this structure of ‘reality’ is just a womb wherein the sleepiest of beings with the most radical of polarities are being simultaneously nurtured and shaken, once you realize that the results of the outside are only reflecting to you your own perception and process, you begin to understand that all outward focusing and attaching to circumstances and transient influences and stimulation is keeping you in bondage.

The key to freedom from suffering lies in the grasping of this one thing that reality is trying to show us, and that is the rhythms and cycles of polarity that first go on within, and then transpire on the outside. I can promise you that regardless of any scenario or outcome, the system is working perfectly to arrange situations for all of us just appropriately tuned to assist us in waking up to a much larger reality than the 5 senses and our transient egoic identity.


However, it can only provide opportunities for this, it can’t ‘wake us up’ for us, but it does everything it can and as necessary, perfectly in tune with our own cycles and rhythms; there’s no disconnect there, and any separation perceived is part of the error in our mindstream we are being taught to see through.
In this way, the system tests us, checking to see if we’ve ‘bought in’ to this or that wave and rhythm that people follow unconsciously en masse, thinking that it amounts to something of value or worth. However, once that rhythm goes, like a daydream, people come out of it and almost entirely forget whatever drama or involvement they were entangled with in the first place.
If we see this rhythm as it’s happening, if we can just observe and be aware of it during times that we call ‘good’ and times that we call ‘bad’, then the system responds to this in perfect order, giving us larger ‘good’ rhythms slightly stronger than our will to remain aware to them, and taking away the ‘bad’ rhythms that are no longer necessary. When we fail to remain aware in the ‘good’ rhythm, the pendulum swings to the ‘bad’, because the system has to try whatever way it can to get us to wake up: “All right, if giving you what you like isn’t working, here’s a situation you dislike, let’s see if you catch on and become aware so that I no longer have to put you in those situations.”
Emotional Spiral
The system is perfect; once a rhythm is completely recognized and seen for its transient state and we remain aware to it, the system takes that away, and just like that, we’ve snipped through one entanglement to an impression that before had us ensnared in the grip of unconscious enthrallment.
People doubt this system entirely and see the perfect order of the game being played on them for randomness and chaos because they are asleep to the overwhelming majority of it, and they’ve never or very rarely tried to give the appropriate response to any and every polarity and rhythm, which is not to run from it, not to struggle with it, but to just see it for what it is, become aware and observant rather than reactionary to it and influenced by it. Then, instead of the waves crashing down upon us, we see them from far off on the horizon, and they simply bubble down to tiny eddies that pool around our feet.
This is using rhythm and polarity to evolve consciously, and this, not running from unpleasantness and diving into pleasures, not struggling and trying to go to war in a battle you’ll never win against the system (it’s bigger than the ‘you’ perspective ever could be), but just. Simply. Observing. “Be ever watchful.”
This understanding alone is a lightning-path to conscious growth, but if you’re looking for a place where a growing and dedicated group of fellow practitioners are congregating to learn how to cut away the nonsense and develop radiant awareness free from dogma, belief, coercion, or restrictions, you can always visit or join us here at the Lucid Sky.
Liberation, Realization, and radiant awareness; it’s where you’re headed anyway. Come see for yourself how fun life and the path can be when you learn how to give to the soul what it wants and cries out for, rather than our tiny egos and irrelevant mindstream. 😉
To deepen this further, included here is a short article from Raz Iyahu discussing Rhythm and Polarity through the concept of ‘sin’ from religious traditions, enjoy.  ❤ ::
Keep in mind the original Hebrew word for ‘Sin’ simply means to ‘miss’ or ‘go in the wrong direction’, etc. So every reference to Sin doesn’t actually refer to some kind of evil, it just means that you’re making an error in the direction you’re going (following mind-stream, as opposed to Essential Nature is SIN)

The root of SINE (SIN) is actually Greek. SINE comes from the Latin SINUS, meaning a bend, curve, arc or gulf. The term was used as a translation for the Arabic word “jayb,” the word for a sine that also meant the bosom (roundness) of a garment, and which in turn comes from the Sanskrit word “jiva” meaning a bowstring (curve).

SIN or SINE is also equal to Rhythm (Time, Cycles) … it’s interesting the correspondence isn’t it? That SIN or the Sine Wave might actually just be falling victim to the Polarity, so maybe there’s a misunderstanding in the Bible?


“Order my steps in thy word: and let not any sin have dominion over me.” ~ Psalms (the Word is always Light (Awareness) Don’t let the Rhythm have control over my Awareness)

“Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.” ~ Psalms (Cleanse me of Mind-stream and remove the strength of Rhythm)

“For if ye forgive men their sins, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” ~ Matthew (If you don’t fall victim of Rhythm, unconsciousness, you will never judge. Judging is in the past, judging is being Unconscious in Rhythm)

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” ~ James (Drawing ‘night to God’ means overcoming Rhythm, annulling the mind-stream, the Rhythm and Polarity and drawing God (LIGHT) to the vessel. Cleanse means it has no hold of you. Here hands are like action. Hearts are like Intentions. Double-minded is mind-stream or strength of Will and in this Source automatically draws closer)

“Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.” ~ Romans (All LAW, called Halakha in the Bible is really just a recognition of Rhythm/Polarity & the Unconsciousness slavery to it – this is real Knowledge of Sin – the very fact that one understands Rhythm and Polarity, etc)

“… for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” ~ Romans (whenever we fall prey to Rhythm/Polarity, we move away from Source)

~ Raz Iyahu

Raz Iyahu, founder of the Lucid Sky learning center, invites those of you truly invested in conscious evolution and coming to know themselves – and thus reality – better to join us.  No commitments, no dogma, just the core and essential teaching that lives through the experiences of those who’ve applied it in their lives :: Join us Here at The Lucid Sky

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