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Stages of Consciousness in the Dream State

We exist in both our waking reality and our dream states (for obvious reasons of recall; I can’t remember something that I did not experience), but are more active-oriented in this reality, and more passive-oriented in the dream reality, on average.  In other words, if I consider my waking experience to be ‘real’, then I must also consider any experiences I have in dreams ‘real’ also, there’s no demarcation of ‘reality’ and ‘unreality’ here, there’s only a difference in which state of conscious expression is dominate.

When people are awake in the physical, for the majority, they are perceiving and experiencing through a primarily ‘active’ process of consciousness trying to discern, process, and digest, rather than allow.  When people sleep, for the most part, they are perceiving and experiencing their dreams in a primarily ‘passive’ mode of consciousness, receiving and allowing, rather than judging, analyzing, etc.

When the active principle merges with the passive in the dream, one experiences a ‘rush’ of conscious awareness; this can either happen due to excess vitality, or through practiced awareness and observation.

There are ‘stages’, or levels, to this, related to the brain-wave cycles of consciousness ::


  • The lowest level is no dream recall: I go pass out, and have no memory of what occurred during that period of rest.  This is having no Awareness in the Alpha brain-wave state.
  • Next, we have some vague reminiscence of dreams, blurred and fuzzy, with little to no coherence.  This is little strength to hold Awareness in the Alpha brain-wave state.
  • Later, we can recall strings of dream sequences running together, all in a story or chain of events, but seem to be ‘caught up’ in what’s occurring.  This is becoming aware in the Alpha brain-wave state.
  • At a more aware stage, we begin to perceive the dream reality through an observational standpoint; I have excellent recall of dreams, and can recall periods of lucidity within them, where I feel more present and aware, like here. This is the beginning of lucid dreaming.  This is bringing full Awareness into the Alpha brain-wave state.
  • Still further, I have near-perfect recall of most of my dream sequences, and feel present and aware throughout much or most of my dreams at night. I can observe and sometimes exert influence (active principle) upon the dream, changing it willfully through conscious intent. This is lucid dreaming.  This is becoming Aware in the Theta brain-wave state.
  • A few people experience a still-further expression of consciousness in dreams: astral projection. Here, one gains full conscious autonomy in the dream state, and can move and change qualities of the dream at will.  This is full Awareness within the Theta brain-wave state.

398283_482442098461349_720515136_nSome qualities of the dream may seem outside the influence of the individual, but a strong, realer-than-real sense of presence and awareness persists throughout the experience. This can last anywhere from a few moments to a full night’s experience.

However, the dream plane is muddled with projections of form, all of which are overlaying atop a more subtle field of energy and occluding what’s actually going on, which can cause some confusion.

  • Finally*, a very few people bring such clarity into their dreams that they can project fully awake and consciously into the astral and shed all the layers of subtle forms and projections, perceiving the energy directly.  This is Awareness dipping from Theta into Delta, and then ‘leaping’ upwards into a Gamma brain-wave process, a far higher energetic level than our usual waking consciousness.

This is very advanced, and although many will at least taste this level during the death process, it is a shame that few have experienced this high and blissful of a state.

* I said finally, but from that space of a fully conscious Astral projection, it deepens infinitely, more and more subtly into the clear, radiant light of awareness. That’s the exit door to the structure of this reality.

deathspiritpassingtobardoThere’s a very important reason for examining the dream process, because it’s the exact same process that unfolds during the death process.  If you master this process while still alive and can maintain your Awareness during these states, then when you finally release from the body, no layer of experience in this reality will hold you; this is called Liberation.

That’s too high for most people to grasp, no time or space at all and existing without boundary or limit; hence why the Nature of existence is so compassionate in its structure, to allow us to unfold it gradually and at our own pace through a process of ‘progressive transcendence.’

We examine this process in detail at The Lucid Sky, in general at first, and delving into it in vibrant detail through our advanced coursework series.  We welcome any and all who are interested in discovering their conscious process, their sleep/wake cycles, their dream reality, their essential nature, their fundamental awareness, etc. to come join us absolutely free from dogma and begin applying our fun and effective practices at your own pace.

Join Us at The Lucid Sky

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