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cropped-chihydrae-cymatic12.pngThis blog is in service to you from Khepfer Haru.  Examining the etymology of Khepfer Haru may help divulge the aspect through which I am expressing to you in this blog.  The meaning of Khepfer Haru is as follows ::

Khepfer, from Khephra, or Khepri, the Egyptian deity associated with the scarab or dung beetle (kheprer), which rolls balls of dung across the ground and lays its eggs within the dung ball, a cyclical act of creation, life, death and rebirth, and therefore symbolic of the sun’s path across the sky.  ‘Kheper’ means ‘developing’, ‘coming into being’, ‘to exist’, ‘to create’, etc.  Khepri specifically rules in the silence of midnight from the Northern quarter until the morning sun.  This is therefore a symbol of gestation, of becoming, of darkness, of passivity, developing.

Haru, from Heru-Ra-Ha, the Egyptian solar deity of kingship and the sky and active aspect of Horus, son of Osiris and Isis, means ‘arising’, ‘overcoming’, ‘triumphant’, ‘ascending’, and is therefore a symbol of achieving, of fulfillment, of light, of activity, of conquering.

It is in this spirit that I hope all the information presented and enjoyed by you, the reader, is received, that it inspires growth, exploration, and uplifts your spirit wherever you may be, awakening the fountain of truth to be realized within you, illuminating the pure mind with clear light and radiant awareness.

There is no being or becoming without desire; as we develop in our realization of our essential nature, the dance of life changes to reflect this beautiful blossoming within.  Never forget the flowers, that we are still blooming, or that we are a generation of caretakers to the little ones, and revolutionary agents of change, and that the whole world shall change by us revealing the full and pure truth of our light within.

If you feel like supporting this blog in my effort to continually bring you content that feeds the drive and focus to turn the light around upon itself in a constant becoming of pure clarity and awareness, you can do so here.  I am just a cheerleader and hope to provide you benefit through what we share here.  Support is always appreciated and will be put towards greater projects and articles in the future, better and fuller buffets of spiritual morsels that nourish the soul.  Divine and Reverential Blessings to your Eternal Self.

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