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Delivering the Way

10509635_10153235382746988_5561225425216952624_n“In the Samadhi of Void, only the effort which is directed towards objectivity disappears. It is only a fool who on the disappearance of the effort thinks, ‘I have ceased to be.’
“There can never be the disappearance of that inner nature which is the abode of omniscience in the event of the non-perception of anything objective.”

~Pratyabhijnhrdayam, Sutra 12
Kashmir Shaivism, Prof. Mishra, Chapter 6


“The great One is the term given to that
which has nothing above it. The secret of
the magic of life consists in using action in
order to obtain non-action… Heaven created
water through the One. That is the true energy
of the great one. If man obtains the One he
becomes alive; if he loses it he dies. But even
if man lives in the energy he does not see the
energy, just as fishes live in water but do not
see the water. Man dies when he has no vital
breath, just as fishes perish when deprived of
water. There the adepts have taught people to
hold fast to the primal and to guard the One; it is
the circulation of the light and the maintaining of
the center. If one guards this true energy, one
can prolong the span of life, and can then apply
the method of creating an immortal body
by ‘melting and mixing’.”

~ T’ai I Chin Hua Tsung Chih


The water and my mind have both settled down
Into perfect stillness.
Sun and moon shine bright in it.
At night I see in the surface
The enormous face of my old familiar moon.
I don’t think you’ve ever met the source of this reflection.
All shrillness fades into the sound of silence.
But now and then a puff of mist floats across the mirror.
It confuses me a little
But not enough to make me forget to forget my cares.

~ by Hsu Yun


“Seeking the Source of Wind is Practicing the Way.
Discovering Nothing is Entering the Way.
Dancing with the Wind is the Way Itself.”

~ Raz Iyahu



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